Alexey Shved named the three best coaches in his career


CSKA defender Alexei Shved, in an interview with SE, told which of the coaches he was most comfortable working with.

— Who is your best/favorite coach in your career after your dad?

You are right, dad is number one. Not even discussed. I liked working with Georgios Bartzokas, David Blatt is a strong coach, an excellent psychologist, a great coach Dusko Ivanovic. Even despite his hardest workouts. I will single out these three.

– Under Ivanovich, you showed the best statistics in your career.

– Dusko is smart, very well versed in basketball, knows a lot of nuances. And very fair. I also noticed that Dusko on the floor and outside it are two different people. In the training process, he is strict, tough, with character. Outside the parquet, this is a well-read, educated person who would rather go to a museum than a restaurant. He walks a lot, at least two hours a day.

— By the way, did you know that Blatt was close to being appointed to Khimki? Everything was almost agreed, but in the end the team was headed by Bartzokas.

— No, I didn’t know. But I’m glad I got to work with Bartzokas. I liked his approach.

CSKA will play the first match of the 2022/23 VTB United League regular season on October 3 against Samara. The head coach of the army team is now Emil Rajkovic.

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