Alexander Yelesin commented on the performance of the Russian national hockey team at the Olympics


Defender of Lokomotiv and the Russian national hockey team Alexander Yelesin shared his memories of participating in the Beijing Olympics.

“I am very glad that I managed to attend such competitions, to represent the country. There were no special impressions from Beijing and the countryside, what happened on the ice was remembered. There is a slightly different platform, besides, the teams brought together players from different leagues, so it’s hard to draw a parallel. All the best players were there, the level was very high. The Olympics is a good experience that can contribute to the development of every athlete. The main thing is to dispose of it correctly, ”Championship quotes Elesin.

The defender also noted the level of performance of the Finnish national team in the competition.

“The Finns are great, I congratulate them. The Finns have a good team, they have been playing together for years. Apparently they deserve it. Yes, the Finns beat us, they beat us before, but this is not a closed door, ”added the athlete.

The Russian national ice hockey team won silver medals at the Olympic Games. In the final, the Russians lost to the Finns with a score of 1:2.

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